The Preamble

We are studying the Constitution. We made posters to explain the meaning of the Preamble. “Preamble” means introduction. In the Preamble, the framers explained the important ideas they believed about government and the purpose of the Constitution.



Which part of the Preamble is most important to you?

Measurement Tools

Use the following tools to show what you know about measuring. 


1. ABC YA: Find lengths with Rulers

Under “inches” click on “quarters”. When you finish, raise your hand so the teacher can record your score.

12. Mr. Anker’s Test: Measurement

Complete each question. Check in with the teacher when you are done.

13. IXL: Read the Thermometer

Complete each question and check in with the teacher. Read the explanations for any questions you miss.


4. Graduated Cylinders Practice Quiz

Complete the quiz and check in with the teacher. Make sure you read all the directions!


Now, play some measurement games!




It’s week six of the Student Blogging Challenge! “Throughout the year, there are many celebrations held around the world. Your challenge over the next two weeks is to design your blog to show one celebration you take part in throughout the year…” 

This week, we are celebrating Halloween!

To learn about this celebration:

1. Watch the History Channel video about Halloween.

2. Read the “Time for Kids” slideshow about Halloween.

3. Leave a comment sharing one thing you learned about Halloween.

4. Play some Halloween games!

History Channel Video:

Time for Kids Slideshow(Click the picture to go to the link.)

Carve a Pumpkin:

carve it

Ghost Blaster:

carve it

More Halloween Games!

Physical Features in the United States

Hey there! We spent another day researching the geography of our country. This time, we looked at physical features instead of human features. Check out our Mixbook! Today, we focused on making our published information look professional. Can you tell a difference from our last post? Let us know in the comments!

Mixbook - Create stunning photo books, cards and calendars! | Design your own Photo Book with Mixbook’s easy online editor.

Human Features of the United States

We are studying the 5 themes of geography in social studies. When geographers study the theme of Place, they ask themselves “What is this place like?” “What are its physical and human characteristics?”

Our class did mini research projects on some human characteristics of the United States to share with you!


What are some significant human characteristics in your city, state or country?





Hello! We are Ms. Seitz’s fourth grade class. Our blog is called Digital Voices. We are excited to be taking part in the Student Blogging Challenge this year. We made a Wordle to tell you about our class. Please read our introductions and leave us a comment with your blog link. We would love to hear from you and see your blog!


Hi I am Jon and I am from Albania. Hi I am Hamddan from Pakistan in Asia. My family and Jon’s family moved to Michigan, USA. Did you know Michigan touches 4 of the Great Lakes? It also is a peninsula. Our classroom has 28 students and our class has a smartboard! In class we are learning about USA in social studies. We didn’t start science; in math we’re learning about methods, in reading we’re learning about being a good reader and we discovered that if you read you also become a good writer!

Hi my name is Alex and my partner is Pravith. My favorite sport is football. And my partner is from India and his favorite sport is basketball. We have a pet turtle named Doc.

I’m Spencer and I like football, soccer, baseball, basketball, and Lacrosse. I also like Ocelots, pizza, and Mario Kart 8, and Dakota also has some favorite things! I’m Dakota and I like the color black, I was born in Michigan in 2005.

Hi my name is Lily and this is my partner Lauren. We are from America. We are in room 23 and we have a class pet turtle. His name is Doc. We live in Michigan. We like to draw, and play outside. We are in 4th grade. I hope you enjoyed our blog! Please leave us a comment!

Hi! Our names are Elaine, Hufsa, and Marjan. We live in Michigan, USA. We are 4th graders. We have a class pet named Doc the turtle.

Hi my name is Tanja and my partner’s name is Katie. We are in 4th grade. We have a pet turtle named Doc. We are learning in math different methods. In social studies we are learning about the 5 themes of Geography. We are from Michigan and we can’t wait to see your post!

Our names are Bennet and Sean from Ms. Seitz’s class. We’ve been working on the 5 themes of geography which are movement, regions, human-environment interaction, location, and place. We live in Michigan USA, we have a class animal. It’s a turtle named Doc.

We are 9 years old and our names are Aidan and Charlie. We are in 4th grade. We are in Ms. Seitz’s class in room 23.

Hi I am Aman and here is my friend Maria. We are going to tell about us. We live in Michigan. In fourth grade we just read a book called Stone Fox. Do you know we just got a turtle? What is it called, Maria? “Doc is his name!” Oh ya! Please leave us a comment! Bye!

Hi, welcome to fourth grade. This is Joseph, Zaid, and Colin. Blogging is cool. We are from Michigan.

Hi, this is Eliza and Marcela writing from Michigan, USa and right now we are in school!

Hi there! I am Angila and this is my partner Gaeun. We are 9 and 10 years old. We both like to draw. We live in Michigan. We are in 4th grade. Our class is room 23. Our classroom is funny and joyful. We hope you guys see our blog!


Class Reading Goal

Our school is having a Reading Super Bowl this year! For every 15 minutes we read at home, we color in part of a football. We can turn the football in when we have read for 5 hours at home and colored in one whole football. Our class made a goal that we would turn in 48 footballs by the end of the year. It is only April, and we have already met our goal! We will have our class announced to the school in the morning and get a popsicle party. We are so excited to make a new goal and keep reading!!


blog reading goal 1

We love reading!

blog reading goal 2

Class Essay on Digital Footprints

This year in third grade, our class has learned about writing personal essays. Today we worked together as a whole class to write a “class essay” for Week 3 of the Student Blogging Challenge. Here is our essay about digital footprints:


     In the world, people think they can do whatever they want on the internet. They put their personal business for anyone to see. They put mean comments on Youtube. They post pictures that they shouldn’t. The internet can be good, too. It has lots of information. It helps you learn and connect with others. We think the internet is a good thing if you know how to be appropriate and safe.

     One reason we think this is that we have a class blog. We first had to learn about how to leave positive comments. We learned about not leaving our last names on comments. We learned that spam can cause trouble. After that, we could use our blog to learn! Our blog has helped us learn about other countries and classes. Blogs help our teacher learn new things about teaching, too. Everybody can learn about other people when we read other blogs. Our blog is good because we first learned how to use it safely.

     Another reason we think the internet is good is because we used the internet to raise money for clean water. Our friends and family donated money on our fundraising website to help people who don’t have clean water. We raised $505! We could not have done it without the internet. Our teacher went on the internet and made sure that the people who wanted to help us and give the water to the people who needed it weren’t going to take all the money and use it for themselves. 100% of our money went to our project. This is why the internet is a good thing to have if you use it the right way.

     These experiences showed us that the internet is a good thing if you’re appropriate and safe. We will always remember to be safe on the internet as we leave our digital footprint. From now on we will leave a digital footprint that is appropriate and safe.


Visit this link and scroll to the bottom to find other student and class posts about this topic!


All About Michigan

This week our challenge for the 2014 Student Blogging Challenge was to share information about where we are from. We decided to use a web tool called “Quiz Revolution” to make a quiz for you to learn about our state! Be sure to check out our “Michigan” page as well. 


Did you learn anything new about Michigan?

What is an interesting fact about your state or country?



**Visit this link and scroll to the bottom to find links to other student and class blog posts about this topic.**