All About Michigan

This week our challenge for the 2014 Student Blogging Challenge was to share information about where we are from. We decided to use a web tool called “Quiz Revolution” to make a quiz for you to learn about our state! Be sure to check out our “Michigan” page as well. 


Did you learn anything new about Michigan?

What is an interesting fact about your state or country?



**Visit this link and scroll to the bottom to find links to other student and class blog posts about this topic.**

4 thoughts on “All About Michigan

  1. WOW! I didn’t do very well on your quiz. I will have to do some more reading about your state.

    We also have red robins here in Australia but I think ours are a lot smaller than the one shown in the video in your quiz.

  2. Dear Ms Seitz’s class,
    We love your quiz! It was hard so we got quite a few wrong. We learnt that the apple blossom is your state’s flower!
    We are from Melbourne, Australia and there are 24 of us. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, our state. We are year 2 students and our blog address is
    From Year 2W

    What is your class like?

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