Class Essay on Digital Footprints

This year in third grade, our class has learned about writing personal essays. Today we worked together as a whole class to write a “class essay” for Week 3 of the Student Blogging Challenge. Here is our essay about digital footprints:


     In the world, people think they can do whatever they want on the internet. They put their personal business for anyone to see. They put mean comments on Youtube. They post pictures that they shouldn’t. The internet can be good, too. It has lots of information. It helps you learn and connect with others. We think the internet is a good thing if you know how to be appropriate and safe.

     One reason we think this is that we have a class blog. We first had to learn about how to leave positive comments. We learned about not leaving our last names on comments. We learned that spam can cause trouble. After that, we could use our blog to learn! Our blog has helped us learn about other countries and classes. Blogs help our teacher learn new things about teaching, too. Everybody can learn about other people when we read other blogs. Our blog is good because we first learned how to use it safely.

     Another reason we think the internet is good is because we used the internet to raise money for clean water. Our friends and family donated money on our fundraising website to help people who don’t have clean water. We raised $505! We could not have done it without the internet. Our teacher went on the internet and made sure that the people who wanted to help us and give the water to the people who needed it weren’t going to take all the money and use it for themselves. 100% of our money went to our project. This is why the internet is a good thing to have if you use it the right way.

     These experiences showed us that the internet is a good thing if you’re appropriate and safe. We will always remember to be safe on the internet as we leave our digital footprint. From now on we will leave a digital footprint that is appropriate and safe.


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4 thoughts on “Class Essay on Digital Footprints

  1. Dear grade 3s, you raised a lot of money. we have not raised
    Any yet. fabulous work! From Ethan Lilly.

  2. Dear grade ‘3,s
    We think your writing is spelt correctly. If it wasn’t, other people will not know what you are saying good job! From Owen and Annalise

  3. Dear M

    Dear,Ms Seitz
    I wonder that you put more stuff on the blog
    I really like that you put the hpole class name
    I think that you might put a puchur of doc

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