It’s week six of the Student Blogging Challenge! “Throughout the year, there are many celebrations held around the world. Your challenge over the next two weeks is to design your blog to show one celebration you take part in throughout the year…” 

This week, we are celebrating Halloween!

To learn about this celebration:

1. Watch the History Channel video about Halloween.

2. Read the “Time for Kids” slideshow about Halloween.

3. Leave a comment sharing one thing you learned about Halloween.

4. Play some Halloween games!

History Channel Video:

Time for Kids Slideshow(Click the picture to go to the link.)

Carve a Pumpkin:

carve it

Ghost Blaster:

carve it

More Halloween Games!

31 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Dear Ms.Seitz
    I have learned that halloween started in 2000.People left food on porches and when they needed to go out they would be dressed up as a ghost.

  2. Dear, Ms. Seitz
    I learned why we carve pumpkins for Halloween!
    People started carving pumpkins because, they believed that the faces would scare the evil spirits away.

    from, katie

  3. Dear Ms. Seitz,
    Did you know this about Halloween?

    People came to believe that on October 31, the worlds of the living and dead overlapped before the start of the new year. October 31 became All Hallows Eve. Have you ever heard “Never take candy from strangers?” Well… On this day of the year suddenly you can!

    Haunted houses were made for fun raisers, our just to make some extra cash.
    Poor children in Britain and Ireland went door-to-door on All Hallows Eve and received food in exchange for the promise of praying for the giver’s dead relatives on All Saints Day.
    P.S. Have a happy Halloween!

  4. dear Ms.seitz,
    I was surprised when I learned the history of Halloween.
    P.S. I just fill a whole bucket with candy yesterday!


  5. Dear ms Seitz i learn about Halloween that people think that when people pass away that they are ghost so the ghost go to people house and the people the food outside for the ghost and so the ghost gets the food and eats it and back then they called it Halloween eve.

    from Amy

  6. When Halloween people are celebrating Halloween.
    Children are wear costume and trick-or-treating, adults are give them chocolates or candies.

  7. Dear Mrs. Seitz,
    I love your video. I learned a lot from the video.

    I learned that Halloween came from a long generation to America , and they called Halloween Hallows Eve ,also they thought that on that day ghosts would come and bring food by their door.

  8. Dear,Mrs.Seitz
    I loved your videos!, Now I now a ton of things of Halloween.
    One of the things I learned was that Halloween was called All Hallows Eve, and also they carved turnips into Jack’-o’-Lanterns to keep the evil sprits away.

  9. Dear Ms.Seitz

    i like how you told a lot about how Halloween started and what people think about it . I like how they told about when homeless come to neighbors and ask for things cause they are sometimes lonley.


  10. Hi Ms. Seitz,

    Awesome blog! I love the pictures and games! You must really be into the Halloween spirit! I hope you had a great Halloween!

    Sofia 🙂

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